Lori Van Dusen

author · speaker · ceo

Outside of my close friends, most people know me as only as one of the nation’s top independent financial advisors and the founder of LVW Advisors. These are both achievements that I’m proud of, but they don’t define me. I’m also a mom, a wife, a philanthropist, a mentor, an advocate, and as of 2023, a bestselling author.

In my new book, Running with Grace: A Wall Street Insider’s Path to True Leadership, a Purposeful Life, and Joy in the Face of Adversity, I share for the first time, my rollercoaster-ride of hard-earned wisdom, most of which I’ve never talked about before publicly. If my bumpy personal, professional, and spiritual journey can help others traverse life’s challenges more easily, the my book will have fulfilled its purpose. I hope you’ll give it a read.

Now available at all major book retailers